'God is faithful' preach

My preach on God's faithfulness is available to download here.

I answered the question of whether God can be considered faithful by looking at how He has given us marriage as a picture of His love and fidelity, how tragic events can cause us to doubt this, but how the cross is the ultimate and incontestable demonstration of His faithfulness:
Though all else falls
The cross still stands
And that means hope forever.
Following this I looked at how, in His amazing grace, God is not only faithful to us but He enables us to be faithful to Him!

Although I was thrilled with what I felt God gave me to say during my preparation, I found this preach really hard work. (Maybe you will too if you listen to it!) Was this due to some fault of my own, or was it that in preaching the supremacy of the cross I was taking on powerful forces opposed to the gospel? Praise God for His triumphant power that I was able to preach and He was able to change lives!