Questions & answers about Angels & Demons

I read Dan Brown's The da Vinci code to understand what the fuss was about, and then watched the movie. This was enough to inocculate me from any kind of desire to see its sequel, Angels & demons. Reviewers seem similarly unenthralled, The Sunday Times declaring it "as dull as watching someone doing a crossword puzzle for more than two hours" with Empire slightly more generous: "More entertaining than The Da Vinci Code, but still tosh."

That said, many people are watching it, and some of them may have some important questions to ask when they've seen it. Thanks to the good people at Westminister Theological Seminary, you can find helpful answers from this excellent website.

Even if you're not bothered about the film, this article about symmerty in antimatter (no, me either) pointing us towards a truth about God is well worth reading.

Thanks to John Piper for telling me about this.