Preaching on walking

Last Sunday I preached the concluding part of our series Just walk across the room, based on Bill Hybelsbook of the same name.

I found it really hard work to prepare for this, perhaps because the starting point was another man’s work rather than a text from the Bible or an idea I’d had. I also found myself pretty well convicted by my lack of personal evangelism*. I want to put myself in situations where I don’t feel competent: that I might be humbled and that the imagination that decides what happens is God’s and not mine!

I’m really grateful to God for how well this series has gone. Richard and Tim both gave brilliant preaches, you can find the whole lot here dated 7, 14, and 21 June 2009. If you’re keen, I’ve put a bunch of highlights and resources in my vault.

* Not a term I particularly like but it will have to do for now.