Holiday photos

One of the greatest advances of the age of the internet is surely the escape route it offers from other people's holiday photos if you're not that way inclined: 'Oh yeah, I saw them online' is statement that allows for various degrees of truth and is therefore a great get-out if you don't want to spend much of your life looking at umpteen images that you have only a passing interest in.

That being said, if you want to check mine out, go here or see some of the highlights below. I consider Cornwall and my camera to be a great combination at the worst of times, and being with my beautiful girlfriend meant this was pretty much the best of times, so I got snapping...

This is the group preparing for a barbeque in our front garden. It was a good location, yes.
This little character landed on my bag and seemed happy to be snapped.
I always take loads of shots like this using my camera's macro function.
Here's one of the amazing beaches we visited. It's really difficult to get to, and it's unofficially naturist (optional, I declined) but worth all that for how wonderful it is.
And here we are escaping from another amazing beach as its tide comes rushing in.
Of course I took loads of photos of Deb. This is probably my favourite, though I think she looks amazing in all of them. Photoshop has done some useful work on the appearance of the background.
And finally, joy of joys: being with my favourite person in my favourite place. Eating pasties.