I'm not the biggest geek in the world

...Debbie might disagree, but the evidence of a series of blog posts entitled "Recommended productivity tools" is, I would suggest, incontrovertible.

These are some of my favourite quotes:

"I admit it — even though I don’t recommend Bic pens at all, their mechanical pencils are just fine."

"When it comes to staplers, the key idea is: get one that’s sturdy. A lot of staplers are pretty weak. There is no need to get one of those."

"The first thing to say about letter openers is that you should have one... before I knew they existed opening the mail was more work than it had to be."

"When it comes to post-its, there are three things to remember."

Where he is absolutely right is in saying that Moleskine make great products: I've used their diaries for the past few years and love them. You can call me a geek if you like but I'll always have this guy to make me feel better!