Paul and the Galatians

A couple of weeks ago I preached an introduction to the letter that the apostle Paul wrote to the churches in Galatia. The way I did this was to tell the stories of the conversions of Paul and the Galatians.

I've been provoked recently* to consider preaching in a narrative style more often, i.e. teaching through storytelling rather than making observations on a text, and that's what I did here. It was really interesting for me to do, and apparently others enjoyed it too. My only concern is that I'm preaching again this week in the 'old' style and people might have got a taste for stories that I won't satisfy this time!

You can listen to or download the talk here, it's dated 27 September 2009. A map of the region might help you work out where all this happened.

* For more on this see the talks entitled "Declaring the whole counsel of God" by David Devenish, Joel Virgo and Sam Poe, available here.