The end of a decade. Really?

Does it feel like the end of a decade to you? It doesn't really to me, or to a number of people who I've had semi-confused conversations about this with. A bit of turkey-infused thinking later and here's what I reckon is causing this confusion:

  • The millennium. Watching a clock tick over from 1999 to 2000 kind of ruins you for 2009 to 2010.
  • History doesn't work in decades. They're just the consequence of our using a ten-base calendar, so ascribing significance to them is always going to be rather hit and miss. You remember 9/11, you don't think of it as something that happened in a period of ten years. The only things that change decisively are paper diaries, and wretched Filofaxes won't even allow that!

The other thing that has been troubling me (for about half a second every third or fourth day) is what this decade is going to be called. As if Noughties wasn't bad enough, it seems that Teenies is being lined up until we reach the promised land of reasonable-sounding Twenties. This begs a question: what did previous generations call the first two decades of their centuries? Did they not care?!