If you've Googled 'Jordan' this probably isn't what you're looking for

In hundreds’ of years time, will anyone remember Jordan? * I have a feeling that the occasional horny historian will write a book about her, in the same way that Restoration courtesans and Georgian prostitutes still get quite a bit of attention today.

But what to say about her, aside from “The Bible says, ‘Put them away’”?

With stronger language than I would use, Caitlin Moran dissects the ‘liberation’ nonsense that too often surrounds Jordan, specifically:

"Women who, in a sexist world, pander to sexism to make their fortune are Vichy France with tits. Are you 32GG, waxed to within an inch of your life and faking orgasm? You’re doing business with a decadent and corrupt regime. Calling that a feminist icon is like giving an arms dealer the Nobel Peace Prize."

* Assuming we’re still here, of course. Or above water, at any rate.