What MUST I do?

I've read and written enough faith-birthed material to recognise it when I see it...

I'm sure you were watching the incredible moment last night when Beckham bathed in green and gold. It's moments like this that justify all the collective effort we've been putting into this campaign. We are showing our strength. We are making a real difference.

We are fighting for the soul of our club and every one of us has a duty to stand up and be counted.

Change can and will happen - we just need to fight for it.

We will win if we are United.

These are excerpts from an email I received the other day from the Manchester United Supporters Trust, which I joined more out of curiosity than conviction.

It's yet another chapter in the United story, by which I mean soap opera.

It's funny how unquestioningly the Trust has put its trust in the 'Red Knights', wealthy United supporters who have made their money in finance. Doesn't the rest of the world hate bankers right now? At the same time they will continue to sing the praises of Sir Alex Ferguson, who invited his friends John Magnier and J.P. McManus to buy shares in the club, which they then sold to the Glazers after Ferguson fell out with them. Moreover, as Simon Barnes points out,

Sure, there were lots of people shouting anti-Glazer slogans on Wednesday, but every one of them had paid a hefty sum to be there. They hate the Glazers; they pay the Glazers good money to tell them so. That is not the way to break a businessman’s heart.

But then when has football ever made sense? That's why so many fans of so many teams can sing, seemingly without irony, that theirs is “by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.”

All of which is fairly harmless until you pause to think how much economic and emotional energy is invested into this passtime (something that just passes the time), this amusement (from the Greek a-muse meaning to cease to think) while the people of Haiti weep in their tents. 'That's just how the world works,' the football fan might say. So would the Glazers.