“Where do you get nice men giving out flip flops outside a club from?!”

“The church” I replied.

“THE CHURCH!” she agreed, before heading towards a taxi, walking rather more easily than she had been.

We were outside Edinburgh nightclub City as it hosted its first student event of the term. For the third time that Freshers’ Week a bunch of us from King’s had gone out with 100 bags of helpful goodies for people who were heading home after a long night: flip flops, bottles of water, sweets, even a tea bag to help with the morning after. And a flier for King’s, of course. It was a way of loving our city and doing it some good. With such an enthusiastic team and so many grateful punters (and club staff), it was difficult to think of a better place to be at two in the morning.

At more civilised hours we set up an outdoor living room in the middle of studentland offering free tea, coffee, cakes and chat, and we've been grabbing as many Christian students as we can to help them have a great degree by getting them into church.

All this whilst processing the fact that it's twelve years since I was a clueless Fresher: that I should now be doing this is yet more evidence of amazing grace.