Cessation of festivities?

I thought the BBC's The Nativity was absolutely brilliant. It asked many of the questions that the gaps in the Bible's narratives invite us to think about, most of all: 'What on earth did they think about that?!' The whole thing felt very real, which is a no mean feat when there are 2,000 years' worth of distance, tradition and supposition to cut through. This sense of normality made the extraordinary things that happened all the more real, and made a familiar story gripping and, for me, worship-inspiring. If you missed it, you've got until 30th December to watch the first episode on the iPlayer. We're often very good at complaining and less quick to say thanks, so if you liked this series then let the BBC know by emailing pov@bbc.co.uk

On a related note, I listened to a radio programme the other day in which astronomer Mark Kidger shared his evidence (documented in this book) that there really was a star that rose in the east - even the Chinese saw it!

Final moment of festive cheer: I watched It's a Wonderful Life in Glasgow's Grosvenor cinema. Soft leather seats, cider, and a hot girl sitting next to me: it really was wonderful.