I’ve started using Twitter, which makes this post both an apologia and an ad.

First impressions are a bit mixed. It feels a bit like calling into a cave full of noise, in the hope that you’ll get an echo sometime. People with thousands of followers probably don’t feel that way. It seems far less elegant than Facebook, which is saying something, and it’s taken me a while to find a good application for it.

Its success seems to have come from its immediacy and brevity (not my specialist subjects), and the ease with which you can connect other people. Maybe, like Facebook and anything else, it really works for you if lots of people you connect with are using it.

As is often the case, John Piper sees through and into a thing in a more profound way than anyone else I read; hopefully I can follow his lead and use it somehow, rather than be used by it.

What with the premium on space, I’m going by the name lukedvd and I’ve added a link to my page on the ‘Other things I do’ gadget so you can see what I’m saying there whenever you want. You’re welcome.