About students but not for students

As a bit of research for my job as Student Pastor (that's what the contract says), I thought I'd check out Fresh Meat to see if anything has changed in the world of students since my day, aside from the well-publicised fees.

Turns out it wasn't much help. Of course it's a comedy not a documentary, with a couple of funny lines and a lot of awfulness, but underneath all that was the fact that it was clearly written by and for people who were students long ago. The adverts were for toothpaste and efficient petrol - the kind of things that people in their 30's care about, and it ended with the blissful sadness of Elliott Smith's Waltz #2, known and loved by those who remember a time when hashtags were weird American things and nothing more. The only evidence that it was intended for an undergrad demographic were the performances of two of the actors who channelled Rik Mayall and Jessica Hynes in the vain hope that no-one watching had ever seen the originals at work.

With slightly shamefaced wistfulness, it recalled the awkwardness of it all, life in a world dominated by the gravitational forces of sex and drink and popularity. And we all grew out of that, didn't we?