Get Mobilised

If you're a Christian who is serious about doing God's will (or you know you ought to be), I cannot recommend the teaching at Mobilise 2012 highly enough. Eight A-grade, challenging and inspiring talks on taking part in God's great plan for rescuing His world, you really should get them into your ears. Here they are in order (with the speakers' Twitter profiles for good measure) with a sample line from the notes I made from each of them...
  1. Tom Shaw: Diving Into Discomfort, "Being a Christian means following Jesus into the flames."
  2. Stef Liston: Foundations, "Fruitfulness is not about productivity, it's what God does in you."
  3. PJ Smyth: Missional Church, "The Great Commission is not a suggestion, it's a command. We talk about it, think about it, pray about it, but we are being disobedient because we don't do it."
  4. Andrew Wilson: The Only Question, "Did Jesus rise from the dead or not? Everything stands on this, all objections founder here."
  5. Adrian Holloway: The Authority of Scripture, "As Jesus was sent healing the sick, so we are sent."
  6. Joel Virgo: On Mission with Jesus, "You can move out of comfort zones because He is your comfort zone."
  7. Mike Betts: Taking the Land, "Whatever you get called to do, it must add into the building of a glorious people on the earth."
  8. PJ Smyth: Missional Me, "It's vanity to receive the gospel and not pass it on, as if it were just for you."