In the midst of darkness and brutality, something bright and beautiful

A seventeen-year-old boy, Darrell Desuze, was today detained for killing a pensioner in last summer's riots. Among the debris of those strange days, it's perhaps the most terrible - the most costly and so pointless. But today as I heard the news report of the judge's verdict, light shone. Closure for the dead man's family, and hope for his attacker, through the words of the victim's sister, Anne Wilderspin:
Some months ago I decided to forgive Darrell. I found this a costly act, but as a committed Christian I needed to forgive, as the Lord Jesus has forgiven me of my wrongdoings and sins, and I’ve decided to leave Darrell in God’s hands: the only impartial and righteous judge. Forgiveness does not condone his acts but puts aside any desire I might have for retribution and leaves Darrell emotionally free to change.
What grace she must have received to have such courage and commitment. It is fragile and yet resilient,.

She went on to say that she hoped Darrell would be able to attend an Alpha Course, where he could hear about God's offer of forgiveness and redemption. It's the only hope that he or any of us have, the only real light there is in any place, however dark.