If you're a Christian, you probably need to watch this

Of the hundreds of Christian talks I've heard, Andrew Wilson's at Mobilise this year, Individualitis and The Dung Gate, is one of the very best. He deals with a topic that's rarely thought about but vitally important: the tendency many of us have to think that the whole world (including God's plan) revolves around us. He speaks with clarity and honesty, and with the anointing of God, to show how pervasive and wrong this way of thinking is.

When I watched it a second time this week with some of our students, I thought about what we should do afterwards. My instinct was to get into pairs and pray that we might take the message on board. Deb wisely pointed out that a far more appropriate response would be to pray for anything but ourselves, which went to show that you can hear something (twice), be moved by it, and still not have fully learnt it.