Alpha & Zomega

Poetry can come suddenly. I was reading Psalm 34 this morning, which is an acrostic: each line starting with successive letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Then I thought of Blackalicious's Alphabet Aerobics, and then I was writing.

(X was as problematic as to be expected, and I'm pronouncing incomparable as “incomprable” rather than the five-syllable option.)


Alpha & Zomega

Amazing God, actually existing and all-action

Breathing life into us all, bearing with our brokenness

Cherishing His chosen children,



Fighting for the freedom of the falling and the faithful.

Goodness goes where God does, gracious Giver giving gifts,





Imminent, incomparable, in You we live and have our being,

Joy-filled Jesus, You're the

King of kings and

Lord of lords,

Making all things mended as the Master Maker only can.

Never ending, never failing, never never never gone,

Omnipresent, omnipotent, omni-everything that's brilliant,

Peace-proclaiming Prince on the

Quest to win a people who can quote His very goodness as

Redeemer of ransomed, wrecking Satan's wretched wrongs,

Sweet sustainer of the sinner and the shining stars above us,

Turning mourning into dancing as we trust to timeless truth.


Unstoppable, uninhibited, unleashed everywhere:

Varied people call You “Father” as Your victory goes on, but

When we will witness what the world is really waiting for: the

Explosion of Your excellence, exhibited exactly,

You and Your Kingdom come, the yearning years are yesterday,

Zenith of this chapter and the starting of the next one.