Elsewhere in week 6

The Lanterns of Terracotta Warriors concluded their visit to Edinburgh...

It might be difficult for those under water to keep some perspective on the flooding, but Peter Oborne reminds the rest of us that we should.

How likely is it that "New Atheist" Sam Harris will change his mind? Not very, according to Jonathan Haidt, as he asks questions about how we reason. On a similar line, Ed West reflects on the certainties of youth.

Top of their piles: a review by A.A. Gill of Morissey's Autobiography has won Hatchet Job of the Year, and Vlad Savov highlights some of The Design Museum's favourite work from last year.

If you like dreamy vocals, slick city sounds, and possibly Angel Delight, then Sounds Good To Me Too reckon you'll like Shura.

Finally, here's Amy Orr-Ewing speaking about where Christians should start when sharing their faith...