This week: Christmas stuff, smeared MPs, smeared Christianity

Edinburgh is in the festive spirit.

If you want images for your blog but can't produce your own, Michelle Shaeffer has listed 21 places you can go to get some for free.

Taking time to actually think about Christmas is encouraged by John Piper in a series of Advent readings, The Dawning of Indestructible Joy.

Why does Thierry Henry think he got so good at football?

Jason Byassee exlains why you can't be a follower of Jesus and not associate with "Christianity" and "the Church", however much you might want to.

Can anything good come from the word "submission"? Jennie Pollock thinks so.

The accusation that MPs only turn up to give themselves pay rises but never to debate what matters to the rest of us is given a debunking, of sorts, by Isabel Hardman.

You may not have heard about this, but there's a new Star Wars film coming out...