Camera for sale

UPDATE: It's been sold!

Exciting news for me: I’m getting a new camera. Exciting news for you: you could be too!

After five years of faithful service, I’m replacing my Nikon D3000 camera (full specifications, brochure). It's a Digital SLR camera, which means that even though it’s an entry-level device, it will be a big step up for you if you’ve only used your phone or a pocket camera before. You’ll be able to control a lot more of the processes that go into taking a photo, and the camera mechanics will be bigger than what you’ve had before, which should result in better quality photos. My iPhone 5S takes good photos and is very convenient, but the D3000 is what I take when I want to bring great images back with me.

As well as the camera body, I’m including the 18-55mm lens which came with it, which gives you a good amount of zoom, and does that nice blurry background thing that makes portraits and arty close-ups look so good. It's great for both people and places. There’s a timer system so you can set up the shot and then run into it. The camera has a built-in Guide mode in the settings to walk you through all its features. (There are online guides to DSLR photography for beginners too.) The 4GB SD memory card which I'm also including will plug into almost any computer, and there are many free image-editing software packages available online if you want to make extra tweaks. I'll even give you a good-quality, hardly-used padded camera bag for it. There are a a few negatives: it doesn’t take video, you can’t use the screen on the back to compose your photos, and it struggles in dark settings when you don’t want to use the flash.

It was given a rating of 72% on its launch by Digital Photography Review, 86% by What Digital Camera, and 9/10 by Trusted Reviews. Of course it’s five years old so there’s a lot more up-to-date technology out there but if you’re not sure how much you want to get into photography I think this is a good place to start. Because it’s part of Nikon’s huge range, you can get other equipment for it which you can then transfer to another camera. I’m doing that with the couple of lenses, remote control, lens filters, tripod, and extra flash gun that I've bought in the last five years and can keep using with my new D5300.

Pretty much everything here is in a good condition and the rechargeable batteries will last for years (there are two of them, so you’ll never be caught short). There is a slight scuff and a small scratch on the back screen but apart from that it’s clean.

The D3000 with 18-55mm lens is available on Ebay for between £100 and £200. I’m looking for about £95 for the camera, lens, memory card, bag and everything else. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

Full list of stuff:

  • Nikon D3000 camera
  • Nikkor 18-55mm VR lens
  • SanDisk 4GB SD memory card
  • LowePro Rezo TLZ 20 camera bag
  • 2 original Nikon batteries, and mains charger
  • Original Nikon camera strap
  • Manual

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken with it, so you can see what it’s capable of...