Beautiful Botanics


It being a warm and sunny day, an event never to be taken for granted round here, I decided to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, initially to see a display of the International Garden Photographer of the Year finalists. It was the right choice, though having a sore neck and not bringing my new camera were two nagging sources of regret.

Many were making the most of a weather: a belated Easter egg hunt seemed to be in progress and I overheard an expectation-adjusting mother explaining to her charge that the eggs on offer were likely to be very small. "They might be massive" was the indefatigable reply.

The child seemed to be more in tune with God's attitude, given the abundance of creation on offer here. Flora was wonderfully represented but fauna made a couple of appearances too. A full-throated robin let me get very close, and a bumble bee took up residence on my jeans. Not quite knowing how to usher him on his way without distressing both of us, I eventually introduced him to my handkerchief. For once it was not very colourful, so with nothing on it worth his while, he flew off.

On and on the gardens went, and any reticence about taking photos with my phone (a discipline I sometimes practice) was soon discarded.

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place.