Summer reading

The picture above is utterly unrealistic as a depiction of summer in Scotland so far this year, but here's some good reading whatever the weather happens to be like where you are:

I can’t praise Michael Reeves’ books The Good God and Christ Our Life any higher than by saying that me make me love God more. Both are very short and feel easy to read, but both also have great depth to them.

If you’re feeling that your life is in a bit of a state, or you just want to get some solid foundations in it, Simplify by Bill Hybels could be very helpful. Hybels is an amazing combination of pragmatist and Spirit-led Christian. He shares his wisdom on key areas of life that most of us realise could do with a bit more careful attention such as time, money, and relationships.

A good measure of a book is how long it stays with you. I’ve been enjoying my daily times with God a lot more since reading Paul Miller’s A Praying Life last spring. He is good company for anyone who struggles with praying, and even if you don’t follow his model he will help you to think about how and why you pray.

I’ve recently finished reading Gilead by Marilynne Robinson for the third time. It’s still wonderful, a beautiful consideration of what Christian faith can feel like. It requires concentrated time but will repay your commitment.

If you’ve decided that this summer you really want to get started with reading the Bible, here’s a guide to doing that.

I’ve also put together a long list of recommended resources on a load of different Christian topics, so if you’re looking for something on a certain subject that may be of help.

If you're reading isn't quite what you'd like it to be, Erik Raymond has some suggestions to help you read more.