This week: "summer" rain, budget cooking, internet raging, being an exile, what to call a leader

Summer's not really getting its act together around here yet.

The Internet is always raging about something or other, if not several things. Brant Hanson shows how the gospel should shape how Christians respond to this, and Ian Flitcroft thinks that writing in the style of Jane Austen would help everyone.

An introduction to cooking on a budget is given by BBC iWonder.

The substitution of the title "leader" for "elder" in our churches is challenged by Andrew Wilson, who suggestions that "guardian" is more accurate.

The plight and faithful response of Christian communities in Iraq is reported on by Michael Nazir-Ali.

The church in the west is in a less life-threatening position but equally in need of counsel about how to respond to changing times. Stephen McAlpine takes the view that life is going to feel a lot more like exile in Babylon than in Athens.

How do preachers reach their listeners' hearts? Tim Keller, promoting his new book, shares from his experience.