MIscellany: what movies tell us about ourselves, a theology of sport, subversive virginity

Edinburgh's New Year fireworks were as good as ever

Understanding the culture we're in helps us make good decisions and avoid bad ones, so you should read what Frederica Mathewes-Green has written about how movies reflect their times and the story of how we got to where we presently are.

Is it possible to have a theology of sport? Jeremy Treat proves that it is, and makes the case for how Christians can enjoy the goodness of creation without worrying about going wrong.

Virginity is more powerful and subversive than you think, as Sarah E. Hinlicky explains.

Bruce Wydick reports on organisations that are doing a provable job of helping to alleviate poverty. He may make you want to buy a pair of TOMS shoes.

John Piper wants you to use your weaknesses to glorify God.