Week 5 miscellany: celebrity deaths, eagles killing drones, help with prayer, hope & despair in football

This photo I took doesn't come close to showing the wonderful colours in the sky on Monday just before Storm Henry arrived. Search "nacreous clouds" to see what it was like. 

Why do people mourn the deaths of people they never knew? Mathew Block shares John Donne's explanation.

The more people on the planet, and the more of them who want to eat meat, the more we've got to raise our farming game. Betsy Isaacson reports on the latest agricultural ingenuity.

Praying can be hard, so here are some helps. Gavin Ortlund lists seven ways to fight the distractions that everyone who prays experiences, and Andy Geers announces the latest updates to his app, PrayerMate.

How many stories about bad things happening in sport will it take to make us give up on the whole thing? Simon Barnes is worried that we're getting close to finding an answer.

On a more hopeful sporting note, here's Lionel Messi being amazing. (The chosen soundtrack is not amazing.)

Lastly, Dutch police are training eagles to destroy drones, which they seem good at...