Week 7 miscellany: unending joy and nevending movies, rubbish writing, awful Man Utd, better conversations

A view of the city from Edinburgh Theological Seminary

Michael Reeves' books The Good God and Christ Our Life both helped me to love God more. In an interview with Tony Reinke, he tells how he discovered joy in God after a time of dark despair.

A name like Peregrine Worsthorne couldn't belong to anyone under 90, could it? Jason Cowley visited an old journalist with plenty of tales to tell.

Are Protestants inclined to be rubbish at writing? Peter Leithart suspects we might. His argument is made in three parts: one, two, three.

In less dispute is how incredibly awful Manchester United presently are. Daniel Harris tears into pretty much everyone involved in a controlled but furious rant. And this was written before they lost to a team in Denmark who were formed the same year that United won the treble!

The unrelenting sequel dominates Hollywood at the moment, leaving Nicholas Barber to grieve the death of "happily ever after."

Here are some tips from interviewer Celeste Headlee on how to be good in conversations...