Week 16 miscellany: celebrity deaths, leadership disasters, tribalism, glory, and a really cool plane

Are more famous people dying? Tim Harford does the unpleasant number-crunching and explains why this will probably become normal.

A question you're less likely to have asked is, "Are bots the next big thing?" Casey Newton has been doing some investigating about the future of shopping, customer services, and things like that.

Christian leaders making terrible mistakes is awful, and causes a lot of confusion and grief among those they led or knew them. Russell Moore has some wise advice on how to cope if this happens.

Do we believe what we do because we've thought it all through, or because people around us have influenced us? The Mere Fidelity team discuss tribalism in culture and church life.

Here's a Saab Gripen jet looking super-cool, thanks especially to the gyro-stabilised technology holding the camera in place:

Michael Reeves interviews John Piper about his latest book, A Peculiar Glory, which is a fascinating discussion about how the Bible shows itself to be God's Word to us: