Week 20 miscellany: glory, transgenderism, dementia, endurance, public service broadcasting

It's nearly the end of term, which meant we had a barbecue for students

Peter Leithart explains what the ascension of Jesus means and how fundamental to Christianity it is. This is theology that sings and might even get you singing.

In exploring what is happening in the EU referendum debate, Ferdinand Mount coins the term "Brexotic", (presumably in reference to Quixotic rather than exotic).

As the latest threat to the BBC's life passes, not without some flesh wounds, David Clark considers what its implications will be.

What should Christians think about transgenderism and how should they react to the current controversies about it? Russell Moore has some wise answers.

Pictures To Share is a series of books designed to help people with dementia have conversations and even recall memories. Rebecca Armstrong met the authors.

When a church leader's legitimate desire to see their church grow becomes all they think about, they're in trouble. Mark Dever shows why endurance is needed, and what its fruits can be...