Here and There, Week 4 2017

Last week we went to Brussels, home of Tintin

John Piper has called Donald Trump an unqualified president, and given advice to Christians on how to live with this.

What do the book of Revelation and the riddles that Bilbo and Gollum tell each other in The Hobbit have to do with each other? Alan Jacobs suggests a link.

Few people really like pain, but can trying to avoid it become an idol to us? This is the challenge Rachel Watson considers.

On a related theme, Melissa Kruger's article, "Of Lice and Men" is worth a read just for the title, but she also shows how God really can work things for good.

Pete Tong's new album, Classic House made me smile with nostalgia as he gives those of us who went out clubbing around the turn of millennium some of our favourite tunes being played by a classical orchestra:

Given that Wayne Rooney has just become Manchester United's record goal scorer, here are some of the best he's scored: