Here and There, Week 5 2017

This was on display at the National Library of Scotland's exhibition, "You Are Here: A journey through maps." Apparently it makes fishing easier.

Ikea product names are nonsense, right? Wrong: Hannah Yi explains their logic.

Renewable energy is hopelessly expensive and we're going to destroy the world, right? Not necessarily, says Chris Goodall, as he reports on how good a year 2016 was for green energy.

Trump doesn't know what he's doing but the rest of us do, right? Hmm, says Alastair Roberts, as he considers how Trump works, and the immigration debate.

Growing old is awful, right? That depends how you look at it, argues Cornelius Plantinga.

Men don't like singing in church, right? Well they're missing out if that's the case, Ryan Shelton shows.