Here and There, Week 12 2017

Under a flightpath, under some trees

In a brilliant article, Ross Douthat considers the news that Jane Austen is being embraced by the alt-right.

Why wouldn't Jesus want thousands of pounds spent on the poor? Because He is not a utilitarian, and that's great news, as Joe Ogden explains.

The sense of inescapable guilt that many live with is a trap that we're offered freedom from, says Tony Reinke.

You might not need persuading that the battle of Helm's Deep is amazing, but why not let Evan Puschak tell you anyway...

"Not all tears are an evil" is a sentiment Tom Shaw would agree with, as he shares how grief can be good.

As the financial year nears its end, you might want to consider an ISA that does good to others as well as you, from Charity Bank...