Here and There, Week 36 2017

We were among the 50,000 chosen to walk across the new Queensferry Crossing before it becomes a no pedestrian zone.
It's a nice bridge, this is my favourite photo from it.

Just because Amazon called something Alexa, that doesn't mean it's a person. I'm going to be a grumpy (and correct) old man about people giving human characteristics to machines, and Dan Hitchens is going to back me up.

This is less of a gripe at a current trend but John Piper's comparison of minimalism with what he describes as "wartime living" is insightful for Christians working out what to do with what they've got.

Finding tiny coincidences in the Bible is a fascinating way to prove its authenticity, as Jonathan Ashbach explains in his review of Lydia McGrew's new book, Hidden in Plain View.

Persuading grown-up Star Wars fans to spend hundreds of pounds on Lego is a bit like shooting womp rats in a barrel...