Am I completely antisocial?

If you work in an open-plan office and you want to get something done without being disturbed, is it OK to stick your headphones in and use Spotify as a barrier between you and the rest of the world?

I worry about this because I do it a lot.

If I’m reading or writing I need to concentrate: should I therefore do it at home, or in the office but with headphones in? Which is the more antisocial? Given my recent confession of a predilection for study I’ve almost certainly got this wrong somehow.


For the record, I work best to classical music (Mozart’s piano concertos especially) because words of any sort distract me. At Uni it was progressive house that got me through late-night essay-writing but maturity has its claws in me now.

When I do allow myself some words with the music, I’ve been loving the Spotify playlist put together by Ladyhawke called “Music inspired by art”. An early section brings together, possibly for the first time, Little Boots (Remedy), La Roux (In for the kill), Florence + The Machine (Dog days are over), Ladyhawke (My delirium), Cyndi Lauper (Girls just want to have fun), Kim Wilde (Cambodia), and the Electric Light Orchestra (Roll over Beethoven)!