Some advice

This is the kind of thing I desperately need to bear in mind when blogging, Tweeting, etc.
"Seek for such a state of heart, through prayer and meditation on the Holy Scriptures, as that you are willing to let God have all the honour, if any good is accomplished by your service. If you desire for yourself the honour, yea, though it were in part only, you oblige the Lord, so to speak, to put you as yet aside as a vessel not meet for the Master’s use."
- George Müller, The Life of Trust
I also found this post by John Piper really helpful in seeing the brevity of Twitter as an opportunity to think more deeply rather than less. For example:
"The constraint of 125 characters (I always leave 15 free for retweeting) is wonderful. It forces conciseness. It is a very fruitful discipline. It requires a good deal of thought to make it work. It brings out some surprisingly creative ways of saying what needs to be said."