Squeezing A Book Into A Stocking?

Still don't know what to ask for for Christmas? My answer, as always, is: go for books. All of these are pretty brief (less than 200 pages in every case) and therefore fairly cheap, but they pack a punch out of proportion to their size...

The Good God, Michael Reeves
Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ, John Piper
Gagging Jesus, Phil Moore (reviewed here)

Enjoying Your Prayer Life, Michael Reeves

The Bible
Unbreakable, Andrew Wilson (reviewed here)

Helping others
The Myth of The Undeserving Poor, Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams (reviewed here)

Making decisions
Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung (reviewed here)

How God deals with us
God's Lavish Grace, Terry Virgo

Believing Christianity
If God, Then What?, Andrew Wilson

If you're a new Christian
Beginnings, Lex Loizides

Christian living
Battle for the Mind, David Holden

Student life
First, Matt Carvel (reviewed here, and if you come to Edinburgh I'll give you a free copy)