This week: lament, grief, pens, albums

Yet another photo from Monday's beautiful day at the Botanics.

Western Christians often seem unprepared for suffering, so Derek Rishmawy welcomes the publication of Rejoicing In Lament by Todd Billings and gives some advice on how to get ready for it.

On a related theme, Mark Galli suggests what we can do with the grief we feel for all the evils happening in the world.

Doug Wilson meditates on how Jesus is both there and here, and how He gives the Christian life.

The fountain pen I was bought for my 18th birthday is one of my favourite things; Stephen Robinson is more obsessed with his and heralds the return of these beautiful tools.

The future of music albums suddenly looks a lot brighter than it used to, argues Micah Singleton.

Here's some advice from three wise men on getting wisdom...