Easter miscellany: forgiven Nazis, enduring suffering, looking awkwardly at yourself, Jesus and tears

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In yet another week of evil in Europe, Mark Loughridge considers how massive an achievement the cross was, as he tells the story of the man who brought God's grace to the Nazi high command.

We may be less aware of suffering elsewhere but there are Christians at work in its midst all over the world. Simon Guillebaud is one of them, and it's the hope of Easter that enables him to persevere in the horrors of Burundi.

Easter forces us to look at things we'd often rather not consider, which Matthew Hosier realised as he ran around Barcelona.

If you want to do some serious theological thinking about what happened to Jesus on the cross, Derek Rishmawy has written about penal substitutionary atonement.

To feel the sweep of what happened at Easter, take an angel's eye view or consider how those on the ground were feeling on Good Friday evening.

Finally, don't miss out on Glen Scrivener's poem about Jesus and tears, Jesus in tears, and Jesus ending tears...