Buy this book: He Was And Is And Is To Come

Having to leave Newday 2015 early, I missed the debut of He Was And Is And Is To Come as a spoken word sermon by Stef Liston. As good as the recording of it is, the publication of this book opens up the wonder to a wider audience – now none of us need miss out.

Stef’s words are complemented by Dan Jones’ amplifying illustrations. It’s a glorious combination of poetic force with added colour, warmth, depth. It would take you about ten minutes to read this book straight through but you would have missed the many opportunities to pause, smile, stare in wonder at the truths being wrought so well, and offer prayers and even shouts of praise.

The content is nothing less then the story of the world, the Bible’s story of eternal God making and saving His creation. This is made poignantly personal without ever becoming individualistic, and it holds to an evangelical standard of truth without ever losing its creativity and vitality. These are rare combinations but I know that Stef is a rare guy.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that a fully-illustrated book would be for kids only. Firstly, it’s more mature than that - Newday is an event for teenagers and there are a couple of references here to dark experiences. Also, you probably need a more childlike faith, and this beautiful book could help you with that.

You can buy He Was And Is And Is To Come here, and watch how it begins here.